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All companies and organizations have problems improving processes and reducing costs at some point in their existence, especially those located in Tulsa since it is hard to remain competitive among businesses in the city. However, a great way to address this problem is by using Lean Six Sigma. This process improvement methodology can be used by any type of company or organization and there are no limits nor requirements to start to implement it. Therefore, you are able to choose it right away and start making plans and projects around it and the company’s needs to achieve results based on waste reduction, eliminate variations, and problem-solving.

But is it worth investing in Lean Six Sigma? And if so, what makes it to be the first option for 99% of the businesses in the city and even state? LSS is a methodology that has been around since the 80s and it combines with other methods: Lean and Six Sigma.

LSS Oklahoma - Tulsa-OK

Thanks to this combination, it is possible to focus on reducing waste, identify problems, work for the customer, and reduce the rate of variations, with all this leading to great improvement in processes and performance. Unlike other methodologies, Lean 6 Sigma is not able to help companies achieve one or two objectives but rather a wide range of them and continuous improvement is part of the most valuable and important ones. Now, if you own a company and are starting to consider its implementation, how can you make it possible?

At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Oklahoma, we offer the two solutions available: hire talent or develop it for your business. Hiring talent consists of relying on our Lean Six Sigma consultants who will take care of controlling quality management, reducing all types of waste, data collecting, and every task and step it takes to achieve the expected results. Developing talent is more about training your workers in Sigma for them to be the team of experts you need for implementation. However, going for this option means you have time to spare to integrate the methodology and see results.

How to Access Our Services in Tulsa

We know it is not simple to choose the experts you will rely on for any of your needs with Six Sigma. However, if you choose us for it, it is going to be simple to request our services. Calling, emailing, or visiting us is enough to discuss your needs and objectives with our experts and they will determine when it is the right time to start, which is usually in two days at most. And regardless of the option, you choose to integrate LSS into your business, we will not have problems offering the assistance required in no time.

Consulting and training are our main services since we started in this field over a decade ago, and you can just request any of them whenever you are ready to start. Make sure to ask for our other services aimed at companies but also individuals interested in Six Sigma and let us know if you have special requirements and goals in mind.

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.