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A process improvement methodology like Lean Six Sigma will need to be implemented by experts and consultants qualified for the task and with experience in the industry, the company, or the organization that is requesting the method in Edmond. For it, our team at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Oklahoma has the best professionals in the city and state that can guarantee the best results for your business.

Since LSS is a methodology that has been around since the 80s, you would believe it is simple to find companies and experts specialized in it, and you are actually right, but over 70% of them are not what you would expect nor deliver the desired results. In other words, you will be able to find variety and options when trying to look for experts that can help you to implement the methodology, but being able to identify if the ones you are considering are good will take a lot of work.

LSS Oklahoma - Edmond-OK

However, we are able to show you our records and success rate in terms of implementation thanks to our well-trained and qualified consultants who know how to work with most industries and do their best to plan the right strategies. Instead of using general plans and following the steps established by Lean Six Sigma itself, our experts will work according to your company’s needs and goals, which will lead to faster results, more efficient ones, and even better improvement than usual.

But is this all we can do for you? In Edmond, many companies but also individuals have contacted us to let our team know about their needs and goals, which did not include integrating the methodology only. Instead, they wanted to learn and know how to work with Sigma and for it, we have made sure to offer more than Lean Six Sigma consulting services.

How Do We Help You with Sigma?

Consulting but also training, certification, and special programs, are available in our company for anyone that needs them, be it businesses or people who want to get introduced to the methodology. By now, you know about our consulting services but when it comes to training and certification, they are divided into three main belts (levels): yellow, green, and black. According to the belt training you choose, you will learn more about 6 Sigma and get the chance to get certified in order to fill different roles in a company. Or you can choose to go for this training in order to have employees from a company well-versed in the methodology.

There is a lot we can do for you and since not all companies and people need the same, we have made sure to be open to any inquiries and requests. Therefore, if the services you can read about on our website do not cover all your objectives and needs, you can let our team know and we will work towards helping and assisting you the best we can. And if you are located in Edmond, it will be easy to have access to our services.


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